Wednesday, 27 January 2016

LED bulbs. I'm no expert but surely they are a good thing.

Last year I had Solar Panels added onto the roof of my house.  That's all well and good but its not only the generating of electricity that is important it is also reducing your usage.

One easy way to reduce you usage is to change your bulbs to super low energy LED versions.  I have started changing all mine over.  As they are quite expensive so I have prioritised the rooms that a I use the lights in the most, the bulbs that blow and then the rest.  I currently have about 50% LED so far.

I don't know a great deal about electrics and energy saving but a bit of research brings to light a few good reasons to change to LED.  This is what I have discovered....

1) they are LONG LIFE and should last about 10 ish years based on 100% usage according to most of the reports I have read.  Another words if you use for about 8 hours a day it should last a whopping 20 years! I've just brought a couple costing £5 each making the cost of the bulb 25p per year!

2) they reduce your electricity consumption by about 80 to  90% , bearing in mind for most of us,  a lot of the electricity we use is on lighting, significant savings on your bills can be made by simply switching.

3) they generate no heat to speak of so won't burn you or fade your priceless paintings :)

4) Low energy LED bulbs are alot more attractive than the standard low energy bulbs that in my opinion look like tampons!

In summery, why not!  Anything that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint is a great plan, you can save money into the bargain.  I will continue to change mine over as I can.


  1. I'm always dubious of the long life claims of the LED replacements. I remember LED lights from a few years ago gave a very harsh bright white light and it wasn't very warm for them home. How are you ones looking?

    1. You can get soft white or cool light nowadays and the soft light ones are nice and gentle on the eyes and suitable for bedroom/living rooms. The cool light are great for kitchens. In terms of the long life claims I have had some for a couple of years so far but like you say its impossible to say.