Saturday, 30 January 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016 End of January Update

1.  Not waste money at all.  Review every bill again, look at all expenses, tax etc I pay and minimise it.  Look at all money I earn and interest on savings etc and maximise.
- Paid 2 annual bills and added to savings this month.  
2.  Overpay mortgage standard payments by £500 per month or £6000 per year.
- £536.60 Overpaid this month.
3.  Increase short term savings by £3000 in 2016 or £250 per month.
- Over £300 added to savings
4.  Learn the basics of investments by reading Tim Hale book
- Started reading not made much progress to be honest.
5.  Design, apply for planning (if needed) and start to build a home office
- No Progress
6.  Continue with garden improvements 
     a) Replace small bit of fence
     b) Remove two trees required to do home office
     c) Remove big border of weeds and lay grass
- No Progress
7.  Replace guttering before winter 2016
- Quotes in about £3500 so far.  One other quote to come
8.  Start renovations on Bedroom 3
- No Progress except tidying
9.  Visit a country I have never been to before.
- No Progress
10. JW - Do second counselling course and apply and hopefully start Uni part time.
- Started course 2
    SM - Do silversmithing 2 course
- No Progress
    NMW - Start dance classes
- Started local class and doing a holiday club
11. JW - Start relearning the piano, but I need to save up for and buy a keyboard first!
- No Progress
    SM - Do pottery course and throw a pot.
- Done a taster session waiting for a place to come up in the class
    SM and NMW - Learn to skate backwards.
- No Progress
12. Change all light bulbs to LED at home
- Changed over 3 additional bulbs
13. Buy a super king sized bed
- No Progress shame!
14. Write 1-2 blog posts per week.
- Have been a bit slack but a few done.
15. Teach the boy how to do up his shoelaces!
- No Progress
16. Go camping at least 5 times.
- No Progress its tooooooo cold
17. Declutter an item from the house for every day of the year 365, actually make that 366 its a leap year!
- Good progress made I have definitely done more than enough for January
18. Start on upstairs bathroom.
- No Progress
19. Investigate getting onto mains sewage.
- No Progress
20. Do a random act of kindness every month.
- Donated £5 to a school swimming pool appeal and £5 to a donkey sanctuary.  

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