Friday, 4 September 2015

Never ever auto renew your utilities and bills.

Auto renewing your bills is a really great way to waste money. I've got to be honest, for years and years I did this.  The loyalty just resulted in prices going up when surely they should have come down.

To make switching as easy as possible it is really a good idea to get all of your bills organised and filed that way you have to hand all of the information that you require to get the best available deal.  Tidying up all of my paperwork was one of my first jobs on the road to stretching my pennies and you can read one of my early posts HERE to see how I did it.  This was back in March and 6 months later they are just as tidy with a few minutes spent every month putting everything in the correct place.

There are loads of comparison sites out there which can really save you time looking around.  You might not always get 100% the best deal but its quick and easy.  Some that I have used in the past are.

Compare the Market


Money Supermarket

Go Compare

Don't forget to go through Quidco or Topcashback to check to see if there are any cashback deals that sweeten the deal further.  If you've never heard of them click HERE for the low down.

Once you have your like for like prices in hand, I first ring my existing provider and ask them to match it (factoring in any cashback).  In my experience they usually will.  If not leave, don't be loyal to those who aren't loyal to you.  Add the next switching date to your list and repeat for the next year.

I spent about 2 hours earlier in the year doing this and made an annual saving of over £1000!!!  just last week I rang Sky and just asked them to reduce my bill.  They gave me a 40% discount for 6 months no questions asked saving about £60 for my 5 minute call!

In a little bit of a disclaimer I would like to remind you to ensure that you get like for like cover and always read all of the information before switching!

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