Sunday, 4 September 2016

Parkrun / Junior Parkrun Free Sports

Having a sports mad kid is expensive and doesn't work really very well with stretching the pennies!  I do try to look out for any free trial days and inexpensive camps to ensure that he does try a lot of sports out.  With each club costing between £2 and £5 per week it adds up but why not add another sport suitable for the whole family completely free!

Parkrun and Junior Parkrun is a countrywide activity run the majority of Saturdays and Sundays in outdoor public spaces.  Parkrun is marketed at Adults (although kids can do it too!) it is 5 km and generally on Saturday at 9 am.  Junior Parkrun is 2 km and generally on Sunday at 9 am.  Junior Parkrun is for 4-14 year old's, parents can accompany the kids although they will not be given and time or position.

To compete you have to register in advance and then print a barcode.  Then you simply turn up on the day and run.  At the end of the run you are given a tab with a position on it, this is scanned together with your barcode and within about an hour you get an email with your time, position, age related grading and a record of your personal best among other things.

You are not even tied to one Parkrun location, if you are away you can look up the one local to where you are and just do that one.  They are not even all in parks! We go to one that runs along the sea front.

How much does this all cost you I hear you ask! Not one penny.  Parkrun has a number of sponsors who pay for everything so really it is a totally free family activity.

To find out more about Parkrun click HERE.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Resurrecting your blog!

I have been away from the money saving and blogging world for a few months.  My bloggers mojo left, deserted me! It left the building.  A 'proper' writer would call it writers block!

In addition I have had to get my son assessed thinking it may be dysgraphia or adhd but actually  ended up dyslexia and Irlens! This has taken up a lot of time and money as we funded it all ourselves! 

Long story short I have been carrying on with the money saving, penny pinching! I have set a retirement target amount and am currently at about 7.5% of it saved!!! That as it stands gives us 15 more years of work! Erg that's about 5 years more than I wanted! 

So it's refocus time in the stretch your pennies household with the aim for mortgage free and able to retire in 10 years.  

First I'm thinking, a declutter and a go at the dreaded eBay! God I hate eBay! 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Product Testing/Reviews. Reviewers required for Etekcity Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

I have had a lovely email from Ethan at Etekcity.

He is looking for people experienced at reviewing, particularly on Amazon to give an honest review in exchange for receiving this product free of charge.

The product is as follows :-

Interested? please drop Ethan an email at

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Junior Cricket, Keep your kids entertained this summer

With many of the sports ending for summer the kids are starting to get a little bit lost and will need their weekly fix of sports training sorted out soon.

I just wanted to drop a quick post together to suggesting getting on the internet and searching for your local cricket clubs.  We did this last week and joined the little one up for the local junior cricket club. Our club trains in the evening after school over the summer and charges £45 for the whole season including a branded cricket shirt.  This works out at about £3 and change per session for 90 minutes.

As its on in the summer evening, parents can take advantage of the summer sunshine to watch the kids playing, walk the dogs or like we did pop into the social club for a lemonade!

I thought this was a really cost effective way of keeping the kids fit and entertained during the summer, what bargainous clubs have you found?

Friday, 8 April 2016

toiletries tip of the day!

Just a quickie! My tip of the day is to decant items like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etcetera into a bottle with a   pump.  

Why might you ask? Well, you use less which saves you money and extra chemicals into the environment.  Secondly, you can bulk buy larger size bottles which are once again cheaper and less packaging.  Finally they make virtually no mess.  The kiddies will really have to try hard to squirt this everywhere.

This is my top tip of the day!