Friday, 20 March 2015

Cashback, you'd be daft not to. I should know it totally passed me by until......

We've all seen the adverts on the TV but do we know what it all means, I certainly didn't a year a go and to be honest I'm totally kicking myself.  If you haven't heard of cashback sites then pin back your ears and be prepared to be annoyed with yourself in about 2 minutes time!

So here's a brief synopsis.  Register with a couple of cashback sites, I personally choose 2, I don't mind comparing this many for the best rate for my purchase.  I use Quidco and Topcashback as I find them easy to use and they have reasonable mobile sites too.  Register all the cards that you use for instore cashback and when you make a purchase keep your receipt.  You shop online or instore in the usual way, shop around get the best prices then before you purchase take a look at the top couple of places you were going to shop at on your cashback site.

For example I needed to book a hotel for 2 nights, I had been given a link to an exclusive cheap deal that was a better rate than the listed rate on the hotel comparison sites.  Then I checked which hotel booking sites had the best cashback rate (Expedia that day) and  I compared the prices on Expedia (and the cashback) to the exclusive rate.  I purchased at £5 cheaper per night when taking the cashback into consideration. This all took 2 minutes tops.

I perhaps could have really carefully looked round and saved a pound or 2 more, but as I say, that's not what I'm all about.  A quick and easy £10 saving when the cashback comes through.

You can also get cashback on instore shopping, some is automatically recorded via your payment card that you registered and aome needs to be done manually (hold onto those receipts)

I personally have my cashback paid straight into my mortgage account but you can have it paid in various ways to suit you.  It really is in a lot of cases money for nothing and in some cases like I have described above just makes things a few pounds cheaper.  Here are the links to quidco and topcashback that I use but there are others out there.

And for something a bit different. Easy fundraising works the same but gives the payments to your designated charity.  There are retailers on here that don't often appear on the mainstream cashback sites like quidco and topcashback such as amazon.  I always use this for my amazon purchases and the money goes to my sons school.

Easy fundraising 

Hope you found this useful.  I've been doing this for about a year and have recieved about £150 just on my regular online spending

UPDATE 4-1-16

We have been using the cashback sites for all of our purchases in 2015 and have since we started earned almost £500 in cashback!  This is only for purchases that we would have made anyway.  Over the last year we have had a few issues with Quidco cashback tracking and have found Topcashback less hassle overall.

If you haven't already done it, sign up for one now.  If you are only choosing one to make things simple go for Topcashback sign up by clicking HERE

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