Friday, 20 March 2015

Things we do to make a better life every day

A little bit of an introduction, we are both in our 40's with a 6 year old.  Neither of us were very good with money we weren't necessarily in debt just not saving and wasting a lot.  I hit 40 and had what many refer to as a light bulb moment (LBM)  something just clicked, if we don't start soon then it's going to be too late.  So we put in place a plan to make 2015 a non spend year.

Okay, fast forward to December all is going to plan, we are ready to go into 2015 with all guns blazing but then had another LBM.   Actually we could scrimp and save, or we could just not waste, share stuff, blag as much as we can and cut back a little bit to achieve the same thing.  You can have champaigne on a beer budget, you just have to buy it from the right place at the right time!

So, I can guess what you are saying, what a complete faff, time consuming, I can't be bothered with all that.  I take about an hour a week in total, maybe less to keep an eye on things.  I use the Internet for my research and cherry pick the things to do that aren't a great deal of effort.  I then share my findings with others.  That way I get loads of tips in return thus reducing my effort further.  

This blog is going to be to share my tips.  Some will be big, some small.  Most requiring very little effort and where effort is required the reward is bigger.  My first tips are to set yourself up a new free email for you to use for all your money saving activities (in case there's junk mail) and to subscribe to this blog! 

Next post coming soon

J, S and N

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