About Us

We are a Family of 2 adults working full time in our own business + 1 small person at school + 2 small scruffy dogs who do very little!  

We want to get our mortgage paid off so decided to have a 'no spend year' .  After a few hiccups we found that we really enjoyed the challenge of living on a budget and were doing more than ever!  

After a bit of pressure from colleagues and friends this blog was started to spread the word about our little effort money saving tips.

Be are through that this blog is not financial advice.  We don't have any financial training and are not purporting to.  We write about things we stumble across. This is not to say there aren't better deals and products around, our philosophy is to save money without it taking too much time or effort.

We have a few ads running on the site. We hope you don't mind. Whilst we haven't checked every company they are for things that you should find useful. Don't forget always shop around!

Also some links are created through affiliate programs but we ONLY link to items we want/recommend anyway.  

We only review things we are interested in and only give honest reviews. We don't get paid and if we got it free it will be stated. If you want us to review your product email ourcornercottage@yahoo.co.uk

Always take professional advice when it comes to your finances.

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