This blog is genuinely a hobby, passing on as many money saving ideas as possible to as many people as possible.

I do have a few spaces for advertising 250 x 250 that I am happy to give to products or companies that I like free of any charges.

If I haven't used your product I will happily recieve a free sample to test and if I like it, I will write a review and you can also use this advertising space.

If you have a voucher code you would like promoting I am more than happy to receive it.

Also some links are created through affiliate programs but I ONLY link to items I want/recommend anyway.  

I currently get at least 100-300 readers per day (August 2015), but I also have my post listed on mumsnet, Bloglovin and netmums. 

I have just started using Twitter and facebook to further promote the blog.


This is all entirely my own work, if by chance there is cross over with any website please contact me and I will look to investigate and take down my work if necessary.

If I have without knowing infringed any copywrite please contact me by email and I will remove the information immediately. I check this email on a regular basis and will remove as soon as I am aware.  

If any of the information on this site is wrong or out of date then please contact me once again and I will update.

This site is intended as an informational / fun / hobby site and therefore I do not intend to break any of these rules and it will be purely an accident that I would like to immediately put right.

Any website that I link to will have been checked at the point of publishing and I cannot be responsible for any additional changes that would occur afterwards.

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