Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Resurrecting your blog!

I have been away from the money saving and blogging world for a few months.  My bloggers mojo left, deserted me! It left the building.  A 'proper' writer would call it writers block!

In addition I have had to get my son assessed thinking it may be dysgraphia or adhd but actually  ended up dyslexia and Irlens! This has taken up a lot of time and money as we funded it all ourselves! 

Long story short I have been carrying on with the money saving, penny pinching! I have set a retirement target amount and am currently at about 7.5% of it saved!!! That as it stands gives us 15 more years of work! Erg that's about 5 years more than I wanted! 

So it's refocus time in the stretch your pennies household with the aim for mortgage free and able to retire in 10 years.  

First I'm thinking, a declutter and a go at the dreaded eBay! God I hate eBay! 

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