Sunday, 24 January 2016

Amazon Review Trader UK

Well, as you know I have been looking to reduce my costs further without compromising on life so I have been trying to get as much as I can on offer, or even better free.

We a while ago I came across Amazon Reveiw Trader.  The basics of the concept is that you sign up, look at the items that sellers want reviewing either free or at a discounted price and request the item.

A while later you will either be picked or rejected for review.  I have been lucky that I have not yet been rejected for any products and have so far received 27 acceptances and have reviewed 16 of them and have 11 I am awaiting delivery on or are in the process of using prior to writing a review.

Once accepted you get emailed a Amazon promotion code that allows you to purchase the product at a free or discounted price.

I spend about 2-10 days using the item depending upon what it is, when it is a simple product that works or doesn't I use it a few times and then write the review.  For beauty products I give them a couple of weeks usage.

Personally as I have been lucky enough to receive items either free or very cheaply I make sure I write a good and honest review.  I am careful picking items to review that I will use and that look like they will be of good quality.  To date I have not had any items that I have had to complain about using this strategy.

I am sure over time I will be able to get a couple of products that I use per week from this site and I am happy to be involved as I actually love writing product reviews anyway.

There are a few terms and conditions of using the site but they are very reasonable.  Take a look at the site and let me know what you think.

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