Friday, 15 January 2016

Get Stuff Free (or very cheap!) 2016

Picture the senario, my other half is waiting in the line to purchase some tickets and the man behind him in the queue started speaking to him.  He was very proud that his wife had managed to blag 6 packets of crisps free over Christmas.  My other half had a little laugh to himself, whilst saying that's great, he was thinking....if you think that's good!!!

Here I am at the start of 2016.  I am going to list all of the things that I have managed to get for free, or very cheap this year.  I have decided to declutter as you know but as I have had a year of buying NOTHING (much) there are a few things that I really have been putting off buying!

Over the last year I have been doing a little bit of product testing and reviewing and have got quite good at it!!!  My main aim for 2016 is to get as many of the items that I require by swapping things with friends or from companies in exchange for a product review.

So here we go, progress to date!!!


1.  Premium Make up, Mascara and eye liner pencil.  Exchange for Product Review
2.  Sure Antiperspirant.  Bzzagent.
3.  Wireless Mouse.  Exchange for Product Review.
4.  Dog Lead.  Exchange for product review.
5.  Wireless speaker. Exchange for product review.
6.  usb plug exchanged for product review
7.  Aloe vera gel.  Exchange for product review
8.  cleanser. Exchanged for product review
9. Mousturiser. Exchanged for product review

Monthly things for January
1.  Free electricity from the solar panels
2.  Free hot water from the solar panels..

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