Monday, 28 December 2015

Recipe Time - My Christmas Leftovers, not what you would think!

It's a few days after Christmas and I had a little look in the cupboard and there were some leeks looking a little bit sad.  We were having an afternoon out going to watch our favourite team Norwich City and thought that a nice warm soup for lunch might do just the trick.  I had actually planned on taking a flask full (new flask for Christmas you see!) but I totally forgot it! 

Anyhow. I've gone a bit off track, I spotted the leeks and had a quick peek through the cupboards.  Potatoes check, stock check, onions check, a bit of double cream left over from the cake check! That's enough for a tasty leek and potato soup.  Yum!

Here we go,  simple throw it all in recipe with fantastic results.  We start off three medium sized leeks, in half then sliced.  3 larger sized potatoes peeled and cubed and 1 large or 1 1/2 medium onions roughly chopped.  Throw that all in a large pan with a bit of oil then fry it off for 5 or so minutes.  

Whilst it's frying off you need about 2 litres or 4 pints of stock.  I used a pre prepared vegetable stock that you add to boiling water.  Add the stock up the pan and simmer for about 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are nice and soft.  

At this point check the stock for seasoning.  I just added a bit of pepper as its all it needed.   

Once you have simmered until soft, whizz up until all the lumps have gone.  Then add about 200ml or a nice glug if double cream.  I did a nice chefy pattern on the top but of course this is optional!  You are done, heat through, pour and enjoy.

This recipe makes enough for 7-8 good size portions and costs about £2 to £2.50 in total.  Don't forget if you don't have time (although it takes no time at all) freeze your leftover veg to use in your homemade soup later.  

What are your favourite leftovers recipe and what leftovers do you need to use up? I sure could do with a good sprout recipe to use up the glut that I froze on Boxing Day! 

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