Friday, 25 December 2015

January Sales

Ohhhh I must rush out and snap up the bargains in January.  We've all seen the queues in Boxing Day outside of major stores, a load of people freezing their bottoms off for that much needed bargain.....but is it really much needed?

I used to always go to the sales, walk around like a zombie looking for that bargain I absolutely must have.  I really needed the stuff at the time but days later did I really need it, did I get what I really wanted? The answer is sometimes, but usually not.

Shops at this time of year use all the tricks of the trade to (within the limits of the rules and regulations) extract as much money as possible from the customer.  Especially watch out for overinflated RRPs and headline offers with very limited stock.  

If you must insist on going shopping, go prepared and you won't go wrong.....

Make a list of what you need, what the usual price is and what you want to pay for it.  

Leave your credit card at home.  Set yourself a limit and only spend what you can afford.  

Don't forget often sale items cannot be exchanged so check it's exactly what you want before buying.  

Quite often small independent shops have good standard pricing so will often be cheaper everyday.  

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