Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Chiquito Norwich, Helpful staff and great for Veggies and Gluten Free's like us!

We don't often eat out in chain restaurants.  Firstly usually they aren't all that good, secondly we are trying to save money and eating out is a luxury we want to avoid and finally we have two veggies and one gluten free in the family food and it just isn't worth the hassle.  Usually we don't even get past the look on the servers face before we about face and go home!

It's the Christmas holidays and we are having fun days out.  We had tickets booked for the cinema to see the new star wars film (brilliant by the way) and we were running a little late and hadn't had chance to eat so we wanted to quickly get something to fill us up.

Long story short we ended up in Chiquito in Norwich's riverside area.  We had been there a couple of times before and have had some lovely food so we decided to go in there again.

When we went in were met by a very lovely greeter.  We explained that we had less than an hour before the cinema started and would we have enough time.  They said no problem, they would advise on the items on the menu that were quicker to prepare and when we mentioned that we were veggie and gluten free they popped off to get the dedicated gluten free menu and once again advised on the quicker options.

We ordered a double naked burger for the gluten free, a volcano veggie burger and a kids margarita pizza which we had with salad.  The server was super efficient and quickly  brought sauces and drinks. Once we had ordered they asked us if we would like the bill straight away so that we can save time which we took them up on and this really saved us time.

The food was great, the service was even better.  The little one couldn't get all the pizza down and they provided a small box that we could fit in our bag so that he could finish it in the cinema and also gave the little one a couple of mini milks too as we didn't have time for him to have his desert which was really kind.

I've got to say we had a lovely time, the food was good but the service was great and it made the whole experience a thoroughly good one.  The bill came to £30 including drinks which we thought was really fair for what we had.

Visit their website to view the menu options HERE

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