Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016

Last year I set a few new years resolutions.  I posted them on Facebook and then updated them monthly.    I set about 10 in January 2015 that we thought would be really difficult.  We made some major lifestyle changes and to be honest they weren't that challenging in the end.  We did it quite easily.   I really don't think we would have achieved that much if I hadn't posted them on a public forum.

This year we have set ourselves some really tricky challenges  they will require some real dedication on our part.  In certain sections we have set a challenge each so that's me (JW), my boyfriend (SM) and the boy (NMW).  These are our personal aims we really want to achieve.

1.  Not waste money at all.  Review every bill again, look at all expenses, tax etc I pay and minimise it.  Look at all money I earn and interest on savings etc and maximise.
2.  Overpay mortgage standard payments by £500 per month or £6000 per year. 
3.  Increase short term savings by £3000 in 2016 or £250 per month.
4.  Learn the basics of investments by reading Tim Hale book
5.  Design, apply for planning (if needed) and start to build a home office
6.  Continue with garden improvements 
     a) Replace small bit of fence
     b) Remove two trees required to do home office
     c) Remove big border of weeds and lay grass
7.  Replace guttering before winter 2016
8.  Start renovations on Bedroom 3
9.  Visit a country I have never been to before.
10. JW - Do second counselling course and apply and hopefully start Uni part time.
    SM - Do silversmithing 2 course
    NMW - Start dance classes
11. JW - Start relearning the piano, but I need to save up for and buy a keyboard first!
    SM - Do pottery course and throw a pot.
    SM and NMW - Learn to skate backwards.
12. Change all light bulbs to LED at home
13. Buy a super king sized bed
14. Write 1-2 blog posts per week.
15. Teach the boy how to do up his shoelaces!
16. Go camping at least 5 times.
17. Declutter an item from the house for every day of the year 365, actually make that 366 its a leap year!
18. Start on upstairs bathroom.
19. Investigate getting onto mains sewage.
20. Do a random act of kindness every month.

I will be posting on facebook too and updating with the hashtag #SYP16 care to join in?

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