Sunday, 20 September 2015

Boot sale bargains

It's Sunday, the plan had been that we would all be going to watch Simon on his birthday present hot air balloon flight but it was cancelled due to poor visibility.  

What is there to do on a Sunday morning but visit a car boot sale.  Car boot sales aren't usually a great success for us, we are very fussy in what we buy.  The little one always has £1 pocket money when we go and has learnt to haggle.  As we hadn't been for a while he had £2.50 in total.  It's a great way to teach kids about money and it's worth.  When we started doing this he would spend his whole £1 on a broken, one armed action man (he actually did this!) but has worked out not to waste money? To save his money and to buy carefully.  

Anyhow here are our purchases this week.  Firstly a handmade copper planter spent £2.50 on this and looking on eBay for this make (all prices checked on eBay) worth £40-50 all day long although we're keeping it.

Cute as a button vintage piggy bank, I'd guess about 60's and cost 20p.  eBay says about £5 - £8 for this make. Once again we're keeping it. 

Totally unused Cornish pottery mug, cost 30p is worth about a fiver.  I've been looking for a big mug for ages so very happy with this and I'll be using this for my milky brew later today! 

Wedgwood 1975 Christmas paperweight.  Will be going on eBay and should sell for £10-15 looking at it.  Cost 50p!

This is the £2.50 spent on toys.  Evie just wanted to have a little look but a good haul by the little man once again and he's very happy with them! 

Finally Lego mini figure cost £1.50 worth at least £10 but I'm not sure that we will get out mitts on this.  There's someone else who really wants it! 

In addition we found a fighter pilot and an astronaut dressing up costume (£2 for both), an as new junior scrabble board game (£1.40)  and a pair of kids jeans (50p).  

Finally an old hacksaw which we have been looking for one for ages for 50p

Total spends £11.90 if I add that up correctly! Worth at least £100.  

Let's hear about your boot sale bargains!

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