Saturday, 19 September 2015

Santander customers beware!

Just a word of warning to all those with a Santander 123 account or those using a Santander Credit Card.  After attracting everyone to Santander with their generous interest rates and cashback and flashy (although slightly wierd) adverts, Santander have decided to naff off the majority of their customers!

The account fee will be going up to £5 per month and the credit card to £3 per month in the new year.  Unless you get a lot of cashback or have a high balance there are now better bank accounts on offer.  Santander are really good at sending statements through and it's easily to see how much cashback and interest you are getting so it's simple to see if it will be worth keeping.

For me, it's not so bye bye Santander.  A quick check google search and I'm switching to another account where I can get £100 switching fee and an additional £80 for using a cash-back site.  Click HERE for my post on joining cash-back sites.

I spotted a brief but informative summery in the telegraph of Santanders plans.  To view it click HERE.

Note : this is all correct at he time of writing (September 2015), but things change :-)

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