Thursday, 23 July 2015

Amazon prime. I've had it for years!

As you're aware this blog isn't a money making venture.  I run a fairly successful business and have a comfortable, moderate income.  With this blog I just like to pass on my easy tips to save a bit of money and if you can save a bit of money I'm happy.  My personal motivation is overpaying my mortgaging and retiring early and this blog helps to motivate me  as its a long journey.  I would though like to purchase a domain name for the site and get a logo designed so run a few adverts to try and make a few pennies!

I've recently joined amazon associates so I can access deals to share with you.   If any of you find them of any use I get a few pennies that I put towards the costs of this blog.  It did make me think though, I've used amazon prime for  years and it's saved me hundreds if not thousands of pounds and I haven't even mentioned it in my blog at all! Shame on me!

Let's get down to business I've had prime for yonks.  Back in the day it used to be £49 per year, now it's increased to £79 but still worth it for us.  It works out just over £6.50 per month.

Well what do you get for your money and how do I find it useful.....

TV, watch amazon instant video anywhere, there are pay options but I only ever watch the free prime choices.  On days off school ill or a rainy Sunday the free prime movies are a godsend and a stream them directly to my TV.  I've had access to Netflix in the past and find it adds no real value as I've got this.  Anyone with Netflix should definitely do a trial to compare the two.

It's not just about TV though with prime and this is where it's really worth it for me.

Postage free unlimited next day postage of anything that is despatched directly from Amazon. It isn't valid on everything but is easy to work out with the prime symbol.   This is where I really find it worth it. The postage costs soon add up over a year without prime.

Kindle books, there's loads of free books which you can read on your kindle, smartphone, tablet. I also read all the Harry Potter books by using the lending library and using my free monthly book to read one a month.

Prime day. I personally didn't make any purchases on prime day but it seemed like there were some good deals. I you like Black Friday, you'll love prime day!

Some other great things.....

4 additional users in the same house can use your prime membership.

Students get an even better deal with some elements totally free for 6 months (excludes TV and kindle) it does include free postage though.   full student membership £39 per year afterwards.

Please have a try and if you don't mind use one of my links to sign up for the free trial.

If you don't want it after free trial remember to cancel as it will automatically take the money if not.  Here is a really comprehensive guide as to how to unsubscribe.  To read it click HERE.

UPDATE 28-7-15

Today I've had an email saying that Amazon have added music to their prime offer.  There are 1000's of tracks to download onto the new app.  I downloaded about 800 tracks today and listened to Noel Gallaghers High Flyjng Birds on my way home from work totally free.

Even more reason to try out prime :-)

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