Sunday, 19 July 2015

Holidaying on a budget - camping

If you are thinking about taking a few days out there's not as many options if you are looking to overnight on a budget.

1.  Camp in friends gardens.  

If you have a group on friends who live in different areas camp in each other's gardens. The host family can provide the bathroom and kitchen facilities and the campers provide the food to make things fair. 

This works well as the hosts have local knowledge and get to show off their favourite places.

Be prepared for invaders in your house though, as host their home is yours so you need to go with this. 

Cost £0

2.  Basic campsites 

Can go from the downright rustic to more than adequate.  I prefer smaller sites but do insist on clean, warm bathroom facilities and enough of them for the size of the site.  Warm showers every time at no additional cost.

Often in more rural areas the scenery can be fantastic and can be off the beaten track. These are personally my favourite campsites but be prepared for the odd cold shower!

Costs £15 - £25 per night

3.  Swanky campsites!

Clubhouses, electric hook ups and swimming pools are all out there for the swanky camper.  Not my cup of tea but there for you.  

Costs up to £50 per night!!!

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