Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meat free Monday (in fact everyday for us!)

18-24 May 2015 is national vegetarian week get involved for the sake of your health, your pocket and your tastebuds!

Okay, Im being honest now.  We may be just a little bit biased on this subject.  We are a family of 3, 2 of whom are vegetarians and 1 eats meat part time.

I am always incredibly shocked about the cost of meat, even low quality supermarket standard meat eaten every day would double our weekly shopping Bill or more.  This is a money saving blog so I'm going on that tact but you need to also consider health and wellbeing.

Meat free Monday is such a fantastic idea, even avid meat eaters can manage without something's flesh once a week! I'm no dietitian but there's got to be more good than harm in having non meat or fish protein once a week.

Most hardened money savers will already have reduced their intake of meat due to cost implications, and most meat eaters I speak to have a favourite veggie dish. Most bbq's I do I get holoumi for the veggies and then buy extra for the meaties as they always pinch it all! 

Switch mince for quorn in a spag Bol or chilli. Make a Dahl instead of meat curry. Even simpler just substitute meat for veg on a pizza, in a stew, sausages, bacon, hot dogs. There are veggie versions of just about any convenience food but to get the full benefit, cook yourself to result in cheap and tasty meals. 

The first place to look for recipes is the vegetarian society, chick HERE to visit their website

Good luck and let me know your veggie creations!

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