Sunday, 24 April 2016

Junior Cricket, Keep your kids entertained this summer

With many of the sports ending for summer the kids are starting to get a little bit lost and will need their weekly fix of sports training sorted out soon.

I just wanted to drop a quick post together to suggesting getting on the internet and searching for your local cricket clubs.  We did this last week and joined the little one up for the local junior cricket club. Our club trains in the evening after school over the summer and charges £45 for the whole season including a branded cricket shirt.  This works out at about £3 and change per session for 90 minutes.

As its on in the summer evening, parents can take advantage of the summer sunshine to watch the kids playing, walk the dogs or like we did pop into the social club for a lemonade!

I thought this was a really cost effective way of keeping the kids fit and entertained during the summer, what bargainous clubs have you found?

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