Sunday, 5 July 2015

Recipe time - Yummy Veggie Burgers

Its recipe time again as I've just eaten the most delicious Veggie Burgers.  I've tried these a few times and love them so much I had to share.  Also they are seriously cheap to make as well as seriously tasty and good for you.

Apologies for the lack of photos but we scoffed them down before I could get one!

This recipe is a variation of one that I've found in the vegetarian society magazine.  I have amended so that it's mostly made from store cupboard ingredients that can be varied to suit what you have and so it can be easily frozen.

1kg of sweet potato half and bake in the oven until soft.  You could replace this with the same amount of butternut squash if you had it lying around.  I've never tried it but I'm sure swede and other root veg would work well too.
2 medium onions finally chopped - fried in a pan
3 cloves of garlic chopped - added to fried onions and fried.
2 teaspoons of Moroccan spice mix or in fact any spice mix you like. - added to the garlic/onions and cooked for a few minutes.

Remove the onions mix from the heat and then in a seperate bowl remove the sweet potato from the skin, mash and add to with the following to the onion mix.
2 teaspoons of Harissa.   I knocked up a version of Harissa by whizzing up some garlic, red pepper and chilli.  Alternatively you could use passata or even a teaspoon of tomato purée.
75g of roughly chopped almonds or any other nuts you like.
150g of breadcrumbs.
150g of seeds.  You could use pumpkin or sunflower, I add in some sesame too and usually make it with a mixture of seeds.
Season to taste and mix it all up into a firm mixture

Put some gram flour on a plate and use a burger sized cookie cutter and fill with mixture.  Flour both sides of them and repeat.  I make 9 big thick burgers but you could make 12 - 14 easily.  Chill for about 30 minutes.

Fry the ones you are going to eat in a pan for about 5 or so minutes on each side and serve in a homemade roll with salsa and chunky chips or a green salad.  Put the others in cling film individually and store in the freezer.

As I have a lot of these things in my cupboard it's hard to guesstimate a price but I'd say this lot cost £2 to £2.50 in total for the burgers.  9 homemade bread rolls for 50p so total price £3 or about 30p for a huge tasty burger in a bun :-)

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