Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Reduce your electricity bills. My easy peasy tips

It's really easy to save a bit of money from your electricity bill.  Here are a few simple and easy, no effort life changes that have resulted in decent reductions.  Do one, more or all of them.  Whatever suits you.

1.  Change bulbs to LED, this is a bit of a no brainier really.  Even if with the costs of the bulb you don't save a great deal of money you will be doing your bit for the environment too.  I've brought a few from Tesco.  I'm replacing a lot of my lighting as my house is a doer upper and as I'm making the changes every new item is LED.  

2.  Turn things off, do the things that you can remember too.  Don't forget anything you can remember to do will result in savings.  Whilst I am naughty leaving my TV on standby,  I remember to turn off the switch of the washing machine, microwave and dishwasher straight after use.  All of the family have their little 'thing' my 6 year old has a real moan if lights are left on.  We're training him well! 

3.  Use products at cheapest time or don't use at all.  If you have a dual tarrif then put on your washing machine and other appliances when the cheap rate kicks in.  Earlier this year we had solar panels fitted so we run our appliances on sunny days to use the free energy they produce.  Likewise don't use what you don't need to. On a warm day line dry your washing and leave the tumble dryer alone.  

4.  Put simply my forth suggestion is to use less.  Fill the kettle with the water you need and boil that amount only.  Step out of the shower a minute earlier than you normally would.  Lower the temperature on your dishwasher and washing machine.  All these little things add up.  

5.  Replace with higher energy rated appliances when replacing them.  Check out the energy sting on appliances and shop around to find the best ones at the best price.  Be willing to spend a pound or two extra up front to save long term on  the energy used.  Weigh up the point when it's not worth it financially.  

5.  Use a energy monitor to see where it's going.  These are quite often available free from energy suppliers.  See where you are leaking energy and plug the leak! 

Since I've started cutting back I've got my usage down to about 4 units per day from 14 units when I started my money saving meanderings.  I must reiterate that I have had solar panels fitted in this time too but I'm sure that at least a couple of the units per day have been saved by my simple energy saving techniques.  The question is, how much can you save!

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