Saturday, 13 June 2015

Thank you very much Tesco, this week you have been generous :-)

Some people don't bother with rewards or loyalty schemes.  This week Tesco have been extremely generous to me.  I do top up shops at Tesco and my big shop at Aldi. I always use my clubcard, it's not only a fairly generous scheme but also you can add to your points with their orchard and home panel schemes click HERE details.

With loyalty points I always save them up, when they have a boost on or if we need a night out we just convert some points and give ourselves a treat! 

This week Tesco have been very generous.  Initially I did a Clubcard boost - a £20 camping BBQ free as £10 worth of points used.  I've used it once and it is superb, I'd have been happy to have paid £20 for it. To view click HERE. It folds down into a really small lightweight bag perfect for a BBQ on the go.  

Clubcard and pizza express were teamed up this week too for a midweek pizza for £2.  I couldn't believe it £2!  3 ordered for birthday week after next. £6 worth of clubcard points used.  

In addition to this I was given a voucher with which I purchased 1kg of strawberries to review for the previously mentioned  Orchard at Tesco.  They were lovely, fresh and perfectly ripe to eat straight away.  They didn't last long on our last camping trip, ours was a very popular tent with the kids on the site for a while!  There were a few (and I mean a few!) left when we got back from our camping trip a couple of days later.  They were a bit ripe from being in a hot tent all weekend so they were wizzed up with an overripe banana into 3 tasty smoothies.  The kids on the campsite and we all say a great big thanks to Tesco for the fantastic berries and £1 of points generated by writing reviews as an added bonus.

Finally, 6 year old booked onto farm to fork 3 day cooking course in store for school summer holidays holidays.  2 hours per day and completely free of charge.  Have a look to see if there are spaces left in your area HERE

Thanks Tesco, you have indeed been very generous this week! 

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