Friday, 5 June 2015

Crazy question, did I have a company pension? Here's how to find out!

As part of my work getting my finances organised I was taking a look at my stakeholder pensions.  I have been mainly self employed in the last 12 or so years so set myself up 2 separate stakeholder pensions  as I know absolutely nothing about pensions and investments and in my crazy logic having 2 reduced the risk.  I know, I said my logic was crazy!

Prior to my period of self employment I had a proper grown up job! A career with a company giving bonuses, sharesaves and pensions! I worked there for a good few years and worked in a senior role. In addition prior to university I had worked at a bank for a year or so in a junior role, 

It was rather late last night and I was still checking my finances out and I had a little thought. Was an employer pension part of my package in either of these jobs? I racked my brains and I just couldn't remember!

A quick search of the web and I found an online request form from the government website which is totally free of charge by clicking HERE.

This morning I had recieved an email  giving details of the pension schemes that could be relevant to me together with the address to write to for each ones. Attached to the email were a couple of forms to complete with as  much information as you knew.  

I posted the forms off today. In the back of my mind I'm sure that nothing will come back but I will know that I have checked and there's not a pension pot sitting out there with my name on it if forgotten about. What is there to lose, particularly for those who have moved jobs a few times and may have lost track.


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