Sunday, 17 May 2015

Website review :

Everyone loved my post on free postcode lottery and I've had great feedback that you found it very useful so I thought I'd pass on another little gem online that I use to snag a few freebies.

When I started my money savings journey, blagging stuff for free was my absolutely favourite new thing! After a search around a few sites a found to view the site click HERE

Firstly I would say set up an email separate to your usual one where to house the junk mail! Go online and set up an additional hotmail, gmail or yahoo email as they are all quite good at sitting out spam.

Like I said I started really enthusiastically, by requesting every free thing I could get my hands on but then I refined to things I actually want/need! If there is an option to not sign up to newsletters then tick it, you don't always have to sign up to the newsletter to get the freebies , where you do, if you aren't interested then remove yourself from the mailing list as soon as you can. Remember always use the special email so your main mailbox doesn't get bunged up in the meantime!

I've particularly found this site useful as it is separated into categories. You can log in every so often and select the category you want or just select to view all the latest freebies.

There are other sites like this but I find this site to be very good at getting all the freebies on offer in one place.  The freebies section in the money saving expert site forum (click HERE) is usually the only place I find any that aren't listed

You can if you like sign up to their mailing list, I haven't so I don't know if you get junk mail.

This site also gives a list of competitions, voucher codes and money making sites although I mainly use it for freebies I occasionally have a peek at these other sections too. 

My fave freebie from here was a leather football, what's your best freebie?

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  1. I love this site! Lots of awesome freebies, also love other free stuff sites like wow free stuff,, magic freebies and they all provide different freebies its great!