Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Haggling, asking for a discount and why we just don't do it.

NO! I hear you cry, I couldn't possibly blag a freebie or ask for a discount in a shop. It's too embarrassing, I'm too polite, and the hundreds of other reasons.  I must admit I feel the same but I have 1 major factor, I really want to waste as little money as possible thus a discount that is had is less pennies for me to spend.

Recently after yonks of use, our work mobile phones needed upgrading.  We both had iphone 4's and after a lot of consideration and looking at prices, the best place to buy, etc,  we opted to upgrade to the new iPhone 6.  These are for business use and I don't have a personal one too as I barely use it so the business card gets dusted off and off I pop to the Apple Store.

Cut a long story short, we've chosen the phones and I ask for a discount, I'm spending £1200 so why not.  The people around me looked at me like I was daft.  Almost like, how dare you ask for a discount, you are in the Apple Store.  This is the customers not the staff! The staff on the other hand went off, a few words were had and a 5% discount was approved.  I looked smug, not so daft after all am I!

Whatever I buy if any value, I ask for a discount.  There are very few electrical shops that won't knock a bit off, or throw in free delivery.  In independent retailers if I make a larger purchase or buy multiples I'll always ask. Last year I brought a couple of pairs of winter boots and got a cool 20% discount off an already reasonable price.  I never push it, I ask politely and if I get s no, I totally accept it.  Lots of independents are glad to offer a discount for a larger purchase and can be far more flexible on price.

Have a haggle, ask for a discount, see how much you can save!

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