Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Park on my drive (is absolutely brilliant by the way!)

Just this week I went to Wembley, I knew the car parks would be packed and expensive so I tried out parking website www.parkonmydrive.com

I booked the space a week before, it was really simple,  you register, you choose your parking space and the you book the space.  I had an email from the drive owner giving simple instructions to park on one side and post the money through the door in an envelope with the registration on it. The parking was at a cost of £5 for the day, yes you heard that right Wembley parking for only £5!

This review isn't going to be long as it worked so very well.  The space was so close to Wembley, I think even closer than the website stated.  I plugged the postcode into my satnav, drove straight to the door.  The drive was really tidy and clear and the owners clearly did this on a regular basis.  I really don't have any complaints at all, it went perfectly.

Today I've looked for other times I could use this service and found that it would be very useful in airport parking and even some city shopping parking.  I will definitely always be checking this out every time I need to park, and the experience I have had was first class.

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