Saturday, 30 May 2015

Love Pets, Love freebies, you are gonna love this

I was recently pointed in the direction of pet points.

I think anyone who reads my blog will know firstly that I love a freebie, secondly that I don't like to put too much effort in to get it! And finally I have two scruffy pooches that I totally love to bits.

One of my little rascals has a sensitive tummy so I'm always looking for different foods to give him a little variation without upsetting his belly.  Also some of the sensitive dry dog foods can cost in excess of £50 per bag so I always want to test a sample first before splashing out.

On the subject of dogs with a dicky constitution my little Mr Pickle has no trouble at all with Harringtons Salmon and Potato which is a bargain £18 per large bag on amazon  and can be brought for £3.50 for a small bag in tesco to try it out.  

Back to pet points, the website has some nice little freebies listed and is a concise summary of the pet related food freebies I've found on other sites.  The site owners obviously take a lot of time trawling the Internet to put these all in one place so for pet owners this is a must and will save you loads of time. 

They also have ideas for cheaper pet insurance you can check out and some pet apps.  I have only just renewed my pet insurance so I didn't check out the prices but it's worth a look next time you are renewing.

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