Saturday, 2 May 2015

My new fave Voucher Site

I have been struggling this week with my money saving motivation in all honesty some weeks are like this and for me pass quickly. I will be back on full throttle money saving soon and will be updating you on the party in organising in June on a budget!

I did though want to share with you about a new voucher / offers site I've come across.

Whenever I make a purchase firstly I obviously check the cash back sites, then have a quick look at the voucher sites too.

That's where the frustration starts, you have to put in your details to reveal the code every time then it's either invalid, out of date or never worked in the first place. You always do it though as there's that one chance that you may save a few pounds with a valid code!

Just lately I have been using vouchers and offers which does not have invalid codes and doesn't require that you put in your details or click to reveal codes. It's s lot less time consuming than the other sites and whilst they don't have the thousands of listings of the other voucher sites the ones that they have actually work.

On first look the site is a little old fashioned and clunky but once you get used to it you go here first as its easy to find valid codes.

Hope you found this of some help!

Happy weekends 😀

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