Sunday, 12 April 2015

Save your money. Clean silver (including jewellery) with household items.

This is my personal favourite way of cleaning silver jewellery and is made of things that are usually around the house so as long as you have the bits and bobs it's totally free!

You can use this with plain silver jewellery but I have also used this with pearls too and have not had any problems but be warned I cannot guarantee this.

This is what you do.....

1.  Line a bowl with aluminium tin foil I presonally use one with a lid as hot water is used and it is a bit safer.

2.  Into the bowl add one tea spoon of salt and one of bicarbonate of soda.  Don't buy the cooking bicarb, it's really expensive you can get it from eBay much cheaper. Buy bicarbonate of soda click here

3.  Add the silver jewellery or silver items and then pour in hot nearly boiling water (be careful)

4.  Leave for 5 minutes and then carefully remove the items and rinse.

5.  Repeat as required.

This process and the ingredients used causes a chemical reaction which strips the tarnish off silver.

Do not use this for items where a stone or pearl is glued in unless you are quick, dry quicky and accept the risk that it may degrade the glue and effect the stone.  Never use on porous stones like opals.

This is the most effective cleaning I have found without using professional tools and costs virtually nothing.

J S and N

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