Friday, 10 April 2015

My absolutely favourite lunch bag for less than £2!

I was planning Christmas 2014 presents on a budget and wanted to make all my presents.  I set to work making preserves, crafts and gifts and then needed something to put them in.  Well, after a great deal of searching I selected wicker baskets for my close family and some pretty lunch bags  to use for those getting 2-3 items as their gift.

I found these lunch bags that cost under £2 each including postage that would be reusable after Christmas.  I was a little hesitant as they were coming from Hong Kong but I ordered a few the first time and left myself with loads of time for them to arrive.  

I was suprised on a number of levels, firstly they arrived very quickly and secondly they were wonderful quality.  I ordered some more straight away and added a couple for myself.  Since Christmas I have been using it every day to carry my homemade lunch to work.  It is insulated to keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.  I have carried some reasonably heavy items in this bag with no issues at all.  It's in as good condition after 3 months use as the day I started using it.  I ordered more than one as I thought they wouldn't last long.  Looks like I was wrong!

I thoroughly recommend this lunch bag either to use yourself or the quality is such that it makes a lovely gift.  I have brought a number of items from this seller since and have had no issues with any of my purchases.  Click here to view these bags on ebay

This is my first product review I thought back to my best purchases of the last 12 months to use for my first reviews.  I hope you have enjoyed it and found it useful.

J S and N


  1. Oh wow. I'm so surprised that they are so cheap considering they are thermal insulated. I might invest in one of these. Thanks for sharing.

    Tea in the Tub

  2. Wow, they really are cute! Too bad they're no longer available :(