Friday, 11 March 2016

GUEST POST : 10 Ways To Increase Your Sales At Craft Shows (and any selling platform really!)

There are some people who are blessed with craft and art. Craft is a skill by which you can prepare a number of useful things. If you take craft seriously, it can prove to be a best source of revenue for you. So follow the below mentioned tips and take your business to the next level by taking your products to craft shows.

1)        Analyze your store
Try to look your booth from the shoppers perspective. It is very important as your shoppers need to feel that your shop has something good to offer. You can stand at the place where shoppers are standing and take a view of your booth. Now analyze whether your shop is looking dark, boring or empty. If so, you need to make necessary changes. You can even ask your friend for suggestions. If your booth is looking dark and empty, try pulling the tables to the front and put up some lighting. You can even use some sign boards to let know people what you are selling.

2)        Display your prices
Many people don’t like asking for price. So don’t lose your customers for such a silly reason. So better display the price of your products clearly. You can do this in different ways. You can either group the products of the same price and display a common price board or display the products with price individually. You can even display a list of your products with price tags. It’s all your choice. If you are displaying the price of your products on the sign board, make sure to display them properly.

3)        Describe your products
Let your customers know why your products are special. You can describe them in the most distinguished way. Make sure to avoid common terms like ‘high quality’ or ‘best’ instead say about its qualities directly.                                                                                                                                    

4)        Encourage them to feel
Feeling the products helps to improve sales. You can display simple messages along with the products to encourage customers to touch and feel the products. Many a times, people just stay outside the store and stare at the products. At this moment, invite them with a warm smile. Ask them to come and have a look at the products. 9 out of 10 people will respond positively to you.

5)        Strike a conversation
Encourage your visitors to ask you questions about the products. Bring out your knowledge as a craftsman and explain them. Tell them what you have used, how much effort you have invested and how much time it took to create the product. Let them know about your passion in doing this job. This will help the visitors have a better understanding about the value of the products.

6)        Get customer feedback
Craft shows are the best place where you can find a number of customers for your products. So for the same reason, it is the best place to get customer feedback. Know what your customers are interested in and what they find changing. Know about their problems and get suggestions to solve it. You will surely get some good feedback.

7)        Boost your sales
Craft shows are the best place to increase your sales per customer. To improve your sales you can offer certain deals to the customers. You can offer deals like some percentage off, one-day only deal, buy 1 get 1 free offer, etc.

8)        Offer high and low prices products
At your booth offer products that are low and high priced. People normally have the tendency to buy in between these range. With low priced products you will be able to create a better customer base who will later buy your high priced products.

9)        Keep your products high
Most of the time, people have the tendency to look for the things that are at their eye level. So better arrange your products accordingly. You can hang your products or stack them in boxes and shelves. This will help you to increase sales.

10) Swap products
Get to know your fellow vendors at the show and then try to swap the products. This will help you to display your products at a number of booths at the show. If things goes well, your fellow vendor may end up being your friend or collaborator.

So, if you are planning to set up a booth at a craft show next time, follow these simple tips and increase your sales.     

Author Bio:

Lowe Freya is a Blogger and Adventure Seeker who also writes for Land of Deals which is an official blog of Dealslands UK. In this post she has discussed about the tips that store owner must check for sales increment. 

Stretch your pennies says a huge thank you for this article and thinks that the advise given would be useful to any type of small business.

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