Sunday, 21 February 2016

Supermarkets, stretch you pennies on your weekly shop.

One great way to save a little bit of money is to tackle your shopping bill.  When I think of weekly shopping I think of food, alcohol, toiletries, cleaning products and all food brought out and takeaways.  I budget about £70-£80 per month per person to cover all of these things.

The way we work it is that we put the money on one side at the beginning of the month and we make it last.  We go to all the supermarkets from time to time and stock up on our favourite products from that shop.  Think about what you really like from each supermarket and make a mental list.

Aldi - 6 veg, antipasti, washing up liquid, washing liquid, fake magnums.

Lidl - antipasti, kids toys

Sainsbury - home and kitchen, kids clothes, school uniform

Asda - loo rolls, free from stuff

Tesco - top up shops, kids clothes. School uniform.

For example, I will usually go to Aldi but about once a month will go to Lidl to get all of the bits I like from there.  Once or twice a year I will have have an Asda delivery where I will stock up on loo rolls, toiletries, tea bags that are on offer, I will often get the heavy things if they are on offer too at the time like tins of beans or tomatoes, pulses and sauces.

Use meal planning on a weekly basis so that waste on perishables is kept to an absolute minimum.  See my post on meal planning HERE.

The idea of loyalty is totally out of the window in my mind and nowadays working the supermarket system can save hundreds if not thousands per year.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about loyalty. We have gone back to Mr S for the first time in ages and the till keeps spitting £10 off a £70 spend.