Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My most hated job of all, but it's gotta be done. The dreadeddecluttering!

It's that time of year when you really need to unclutter ready for the festive season and people are looking to snap up some bargains.  It's the perfect time to make your junk someone else's treasure and make a few pounds into the bargain.

What am I getting to....the dreaded job of selling your old stuff!

- eBay

It's my least favourite but usually the most effective.
Costs are quite high and I usually factor in about 20% for eBay and PayPal fees.
You have the hassle of packing and posting the items.
Some people can be super arkward, say they haven't recieved things, complain about problems that aren't there.  We've all heard of the problems people have on eBay and whilst eBay are good at resolving conflict it's still a hassle and a stress.

- Facebook selling groups and gumtree

It's free!
Great for larger items that can't be posted.
Limited audience.
No need for posting, the customer usually collects.
Generally less hassle than eBay as people see the item first.  

- Shout out to friends

This can be a fantastic way to pass on things especially stuff like kids clothes and toys.  It's great for school uniforms too.
Can print on a list or put on your Facebook page.
If you're charging, you can add on the list without feeling embarrassed. 

- Carboot Sale or Garage sale

Not a great idea in winter but perfect on a warm day.
Cheap way to sell pitches at car boot sales are £5-£10 usually
Garage sales are free and you don't even need to leave the house!

- Clothes sale companies

I've never used one as I tend to give to charity shop but they pay you for your fabrics/material.

- Freecycle or Charity shops

For everything unsuitable for sale
Freecyclers will pick up

That's my top tips for getting rid of your junk.  Don't forget if all else fails there's always the bin! 

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