Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bag a bargain and bulk buy essentials

Picture the face of the Asda delivery driver, he comes to the door and admits its the strangest delivery he has had to make.  It was 144 Loo Rolls, 15 imperial leather shower gels and enough mint T-bags to stock a Tea Party in Marrakesh.  This is no work of fiction, this was actually my Asda delivery last January when I logged onto their website and took advantage of all of the post Christmas offers to bag some great deals.

At this time of year and after Christmas you really can pick up the odd bargain.  There are plenty of Christmas branded goods that the stores want to clear through to make way for new stock in the new year.  There are plenty of so called offers about but to make the most of bulk buying you need to be a really savvy shopper and make sure its a real bargain.  My top tips are :-

1.  Know what is a bargain and buy when you spot one.  Try to compare like with like, ensure that you are not just getting a smaller size for a lower price.  I tend to try and compare the by weight or by size price to ensure I get a good deal.  

2.  When you spot a real bargain by as much as you can.  I usually get about 12 months supply as that is the maximum I can keep in terms of space.  If it is a bit of a bargain but you think you can get cheaper then just get a few weeks supply to see if you can get a better bargain.

3.  Only ever bulk buy things that don't spoil and if you are like me, never ever bulk buy treats!  A bargain isn't a bargain if you just use more because you've got more.  It also isn't a bargain if they go off and you have to throw them away.  Don't bulk buy wine or chocolates, I can almost guarantee they wont last long enough to be classed a bargain!

4.  If you do buy perishables use your freezer if required.  I have used the freezer to store some bread flour in the past that I purchased for a really great price.  You can also freeze some dairy product like cheese and bread.  

To get some inspiration, here is a list of some things I bulk buy when I see them on offer.  I hope you manage to bag some bargains.

Loo rolls
Sanitary items
Shower gel
Shampoo And conditioner
Tins of pulses, beans and tomatoes
Rice and pasta
Cleaning products
Washing up liquid
Dishwasher tablets
Washing powder
Flour (for freezer)

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