Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Technology Review - On Trees Free Mobile App

For those of us with multiple bank accounts logging in to check them can be a bit of a chore. You put all of your internet banking details into one app and in theory at the push of a button you can get all of your account and credit card balances and transactions in one place.

Ontrees is an app that should put all your bank accounts at your fingertips.  If you put in a bit of effort you can set up spending categories and a budget for each category and it could work as an easy way to track your spending.

I have to say though that there is a great big BUT with the usefulness of this app.  

My main issue is that due to the differing ways that the banks identify who is logging on make it far than easy to update the balances.  There are a couple of account I haven't manage to update at all and others that are sporadic. 

For example due to the fact that tesco bank stores the identity of the computer you are logging on with it has to send a text with a code to confirm you are legitimately logging on every time you use ontrees.  There texting system doesn't quite work properly either so it just ends up not updating most times.   Once you have a couple of these issues it does undermine the usefulness of the app.  

That said on the other hand other banks log on first time every time.

The other consideration is that the app does not take into account uncleared payments it only shows the balance as at that point in time.

In summery it's probably worth downloading and using for a couple of weeks to see if your bank works well with it.  If that is the case then add in all of the budgets and spending tracking when you know it works properly.  


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