Friday, 2 October 2015

Stoptober, time to quit something.

Its October and its taken over as new year to make a resolution to stop doing something 'naughty'!

Whilst the Stoptober campaign is primarily about stopping smoking, there are plenty of non-smokers out there who have something they would like to quit.

Choose what you want to do, I could consider quitting changing the background image of my blog (but there are so many nice ones!), stop drinking coffee, eating chocolate or give up crisps.  Look at things from a money saving point of view, there's loads of things you can stop doing or reduce for the month of October which could save you money.

With the introduction of the charge for carrier bags I'm going to try not to get any new carrier bags att month.  I know this won't make a lot of difference financially but it will be a constant reminder not to add to landfill sites.

If you are trying to quit smoking I'm not going to bore you with the figures on how much money you will save (but you will save LOADS!) but point to the Stoptober website HERE.

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