Sunday, 11 October 2015

Estimated bills can mean big suprises,

There is nothing worse than getting a massive bill in the post.  It's not only the stress on your finances but also the general life stress that it causes.

You try to be responsible and so everything the right way.  You've set up the direct debit and forget about it.  Years can pass, if you're like us and are never in when the meter readers come around the utility companies will estimate the bill.

Now when you finally get around to reading the meter yourself of the meter reader finally catches you at home and you could be in for a pleasant, or a not so pleasant surprise.

I find that a quarterly water meter reading if usually okay for our household.  We are pretty consistent with our usage with slightly more in summer and slightly less in winter.  It's within a few pounds on each quarterly bill so I don't worry too much.

Our thing is the electricity bill.  Our direct debits were just not quite right for years.  When we had the solar fitted I realised we could keep a track of our usage online and decided that I would update the website with a meter reading monthly.  This is a great way to ensure you never receive a surprise when your bill drops through the door.

Take 2 minutes per month to update your electricity, gas and water usage online, time well spent in my opinion :)

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