Monday, 7 September 2015

National Zero Waste Week - Do your bit with a Bathroom blitz.

One of my biggest pet hates is bathrooms with hundreds of half used toiletries scattered everywhere.  There must be a name for it, hoarding all those toiletries and products using half and then starting another one leaving the other half finished ones cluttering up the bathroom.  Oh it drives me crazy.

You may not be aware but we are in the middle of national zero waste week (  Zero waste week is in its 8th year and this year is encouraging reusing.  Reading all the reusing suggestions on the zero waste week website prompted this post about bathroom toiletry hoarding!

There are several reasons in my mind why you shouldnt hoard toiletries and products.  

1.  Money.  At say an average of £2 to £3 per product I'd say most bathrooms have at least £50 of unused product just sitting there gathering dust.
2.  Cleaning, it is gathering dust and needs to be moved every time you need to clean.  Why have them to keep moving and cleaning.  
3.  Environmental.  These products are usually in plastic containers made with 100's of chemicals polluting the planet.  Only buy and use what you need.
4.  Most toiletries go off eventually.  You wouldn't leave food sitting in the cupboard going off would you?  Why do it in the bathroom.  

So, in honour of Zero waste week make a pledge to yourself to use up those half used toiletries one by one and not buy (or open any previously brought ones) until all of the half used ones are gone.  Whilst I am actually very good at keeping my bathroom free of half used used product I have a few so will buy no replacements until they are all used.  

Once you have done this you will be feeling liberated in the pocket but also by the achievement of decluttering.  Turn its time to move on to food (my personal downfall), cleaning products, make up, diy materials.....the list is endless!

Finally, email me your before and after shots.  I'd love to see pics of those neat and tidy decluttered bathrooms and let me know how much you have saved.  Send to the usual email address


  1. I agree with you about that, I don't know why but seeing multiple products all over a bathroom really annoys me! We currently have more than usual as my husband has to empty his locker if he's away from work so we have his products for when he cycles to work, but that's about as far as it goes.

  2. totally agree thrift deluxe, it's a kind of unreasonable annoyance I have when doing into a "well stocked" bathroom!