Friday, 18 September 2015

A trip to The Hungry Horse, I won't be hungry enough to go back.

To keep up with our money saving antics we occasionally like a treat.  In the dark days prior to changing our money wasting ways we used to eat out all the time!  We usually use our treat eating out and usually try to find a good value place but with reasonable food.  There's only 3 of us so we usually budget about £30 but it can sometimes spend as much as £50.  

Last treat night was at Pizza express where we used one of there offers and spent about £25 and had a fantastic time and a lovely meal.

This treat night we decided to go try out a new Hungry Horse that was just opened up in Postwick, Norwich.  We knew it wasn't fine dining, it's a cheap and cheerful meal out but was it actually any good.

First impressions are good, the place is clean, tidy with lots of room and enough staff to keep it this way.  As we have a few special needs when it came yo the food we didn't actually eat anything as it appeared in the menu and they were changed with no fuss and no additional cost which was excellent.  The person taking the order pointed out an offer that we could take advantage of which was fantastic.  

In my honest opinion it was so far so good what about the food.  When I'd like to say it was good but in all honesty it was okay at best.  For the main course, everything and I mean everything was microwaved.  I think it maybe was left in a fraction too long leaving them a little bit hard.  With all microwaved food it was a little bland and tasted of not a lot.  

The desserts were a little better, the kids chocolate sundae ticked all the boxes a 6 year old wants and the lemon meringue was gluten free which is a huge plus.  The pastry on the gluten free dessert was very nice which is often hard to achieve.

It is earlier we went and I'm a little sorry to say we both don't feel 100% a couple of hours later.  Maybe it's a coincidence and it's not terrible but we both have a bit of a stomach ache.  

Total spends was £23 including a drink each and was paid for by contactless, which I recieved 5% cashback on my debit card.  Although cheap it wasn't that cheerful and I think that for an equivalent cost a Brewers Fayre, Weatherspoons or Marstons would be a better place to spend your hard earned cash.  

Sorry Hungry Horse, we won't be coming back :-(

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