Tuesday, 25 August 2015

School polo shirts. M and S stain resistant option.

It's that time again to go back to school, the summer holidays are drawing to a close, the kids are getting more and more feral.  The parents are looking stressed.  Then there's the school uniform to sort out.

In reception class I started off nipping to the local supermarket and picking up some cheap packs of polo shirts.  A couple of uses later they had shrunk to have the look of a crop top and stains to boot!

3-4 wears of lunch curry stains, painting and general tomfoolery and the shirts aren't good for anything!

An emergency visit to Marks and Spencer and I spot some stain resistant shirts.  Arh ha I think, it's almost a challenge, can they last a week, a term or could they even last a year! Well I purchased a rather generous size with a view that I'm taking them on their word and they're going to last a while!

That was well over a year ago, low and behold the shirts have not shrunk and are still white with no stains at all.  To be honest I have no idea at all how they do it but they work.  I've purchased a few packs of these now and they have been great every time.

I'd fully recommend them and work out much better value than the cheaper ones over time.

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