Monday, 17 August 2015

Camping, coffee and courgettes

I have been MIA for a while.  Summer holidays and fun have taken over for a little while but I do have some money saving updates for you.

Aviva advantage have stopped the free coffee at cafe Nero.  That is a great big :( from me! We all knew it had to end sometime but whaaaaaaa!

On a plus note the courgettes are doing lovely this year and experimenting we have come upon a lovely use by using a peeler to create ribbons and frying them off with Chinese themed spices.  Yummy! 

Finally, get your tent out the weather is fine.  We popped off for 4 days in a peak district hotel followed by 2 nights camping on the north norfolk coast.  The weather was fab and total spends of about £550 for 3 humans and 2 dogs.  No hassle of planes, no long journeys, no dodgy tummys and a lot of sun.  Why not :)

I'll be back with some more money saving tips soon when I get unpacked, loads of washing done, food in!!!

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