Monday, 1 June 2015

What we're all about part two

I thought it about time for an update on the thinking behind this blog.  To read the initial post 'things we do for a better life...' Click HERE

I just wanted to expand a little, since starting this blog I've been reading a fair few frugal living, money, cooking, fashion blogs.  I've mainly been looking for ways to interestingly display content but have been most amazed how my approach differs to the majority of the money saving blogs.

I'm not here to tell you to budget £20 per week on food, spend under £10 on a birthday present, get 10% off this shop or that.  I just don't think it's relevant.  Everyone's life and circumstances are so different and such sweeping suggestions will be irrelevant to 99% of the readers.

I try to give general ideas or methods you can adopt to spend less and thus save more, I really like to point people in the direction of good websites that do all of the legwork for you so you can save with minimal effort and then pop on the odd review for products I like and have found to be cost effective.

I advocate small lifestyle changes, rather than huge financial upheavals.  If you are anything like me, the small changes you can cope with.  Add up all the small changes you are making and the savings really add up.

I'm not going to advise on stocks and shares, investments, banking on the whole as I know practically nothing.  If there's a way savvy with your finances and can save you a bit of money I'll mention it but I am no financial advisor and always check out what's best for you.

I hope you are enjoying my blog, I have about 30 posts half written but am always on the look at for new ideas.  Please email me on if you have any subjects you think I should cover.

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